About Me

My name is Kendra Gustafson.

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in the summer of 2017 – my recent diagnosis isn’t who I am, it’s just what God is asking me to walk through in this season. My quest for identity was decided when I chose to follow Jesus & surrender my life to Him in 2005. My recent suffering isn’t what drew me to God { as suffering often does }, but has only cemented deep in my soul the reality of His love for me. When I chose to follow Jesus, I died to the American dream { a life free from pain & suffering } and said yes to actually follow HIM, which implies a path of suffering. He suffered ultimately, in order that I would only have to suffer temporarily.

Like most people born & raised in central Iowa, I attended Iowa State for college. Since graduating in 2010, I have had the privilege of working for The Salt Company in Ames, which has shaped me more than I will ever know. I believe deep down in my guts that college students matter — that showing them Jesus and teaching them to obey Him in all of their life can change world we live in.

I know God’s giving me a megaphone in this season, but my biggest prayer is that it would magnify HIS praises, not my own. That it would make HIM famous, not myself. Lord, may it be so.