Hit by a Wave

I feel like I got hit by a wave.

This past weekend, I led a breakout session at the Salt Company Spring Conference called “Cancer, Suffering, & the Gospel.” Preparing for it helped me to reflect on this past year and it yet again filled me with gratefulness – not for the trial, but for what God has done in me through it.

The first time the image of a wave caught my attention was through a metaphor Keller used in the book Walking with God through Pain and Suffering – “If you have ever been on a coast in a storm and seen the waves come in and hit the rocks, sometimes the waves are so large that they cover a particular rock, and you think, “That is the end of that rock.” But when the waves recede, there it is still. It hasn’t budged an inch.” -Keller

I often felt submerged in water. But in the middle, I knew that even if it took my life, I would be like that rock, secure and immovable. Later in the Fall, I saw this quote by Charles Spurgeon and the idea of cancer being a wave that slammed into me, but also the wave that slammed me into Jesus, the Rock of Ages, solidified deep in my soul.


I got this ring for Christmas…


… and then decided to be reminded forever!


I don’t want to forget. As time continues to pass, I don’t want to forget that God healed my body of a deadly disease. I don’t want to forget what God did inside of me through the scariest trial I’ve yet to face. And I don’t want to forget the hope that I have in the future – not hope that I’ll be spared from pain & suffering – but hope that Jesus will walk with me & give me strength to face all that this life holds.