Radiation Therapy

The finish line is in sight!

I got a call today that I will start radiation therapy tomorrow… which also means that there’s finally an end date on my calendar (October 2!!).

The Details:

  • I will have 15 sessions of radiation, so Monday-Friday for the next 3 weeks.
  • Side effects: Fatigue is always a possible side effect of radiation, but because of the placement of my cancer (left knee area), the most probable side effects will happen to the skin around that area: redness, dry/itchy skin, a burn, an achy knee, etc.
  • Who knew? They give you tiny little tattoos for location markers. Luckily they just look like moles, but I’m actually thankful for the strange little reminders of this trial. God’s been so good to me – I don’t want to forget.

I have continued to feel so loved & cared for by so many people – THANK YOU so much for your prayers, support, & encouragement. It’s been a challenging season, but as I look back with the little sliver of perspective I have now, I’m filled with gratitude. God has answered our prayers – He’s protected me, provided for me, comforted me – the list goes on & on. I feel like God has taught me a lifetime’s worth of lessons in the last 3 month & I love Him more because of it!