Treatment Plan

I met with my Lymphoma doctor this week & got more information about my treatment plan – I will have 1 month of immunotherapy and 1 month of radiation. The immunotherapy (called Rituximab) will start August 1 – I will go to Iowa City & receive it through an IV 1 day a week for 4 weeks. Following that will be radiation, which I’ve been told can be done in Ames. I’ll go in for radiation every day (Mon-Fri) for 4 weeks. All of that will wrap up towards the end of September. I’ll wait until December to have my first scan to see what the treatment did.

Never heard of Immunotherapy? I hadn’t either (along with a hundred other things along this journey), but what I’ve learned so far is pretty interesting. In simple terms, the cancer cells have changed / turned bad, but my body isn’t recognizing them as bad so it’s not doing anything to fight against them. Immunotherapy is a drug that targets the specific cancer cells (so it will zoom straight to my knee) & will attach to those cells, changing something about them so that my body will recognize them as bad & begin to fight against them. So, it’s boosting my own immune system to fight against the cancer – pretty amazing!

Thanks for praying for my knee! I’m off crutches but it’s still pretty swollen & not bending, so I’m headed to physical therapy next week. The goal is to get rid of the swelling & regain full range of motion by the time I start radiation, so you could pray for that!

I can’t say thank you enough for all the prayers, care, & encouraging words the last couple months. I feel so loved & am blown away by people’s generosity & concern. Nobody knows what to do / say in times like this (which I understand completely!), but I’m definitely learning some great tips from you guys along the way!