First off, I’m so humbled by how many people have been reading my blog – it’s so encouraging, but also pretty intimidating! For those of you who don’t know me, there’s a lot of things I love about my job at Cornerstone – being on the stage holding a microphone is not one of them. I’ve been forced to grab the mic plenty of times, but this time feels different. I’m in the spotlight, but I’m not on the stage… it’s like the mic is traveling with me { which is just as intimidating }. God knows – my biggest prayer is that as people watch me suffer, I would honor Him & He would be made famous. It’s also daunting to know that every set of eyes that reads these posts is either currently hurting or will most certainly suffer & face life-altering trials in the days ahead, probably sooner than they think.

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Someone recently asked if there were any books I was reading or resources I’d recommend on the subject of suffering. Yes & YES. I read this book a couple of years ago when a student in Salt Company passed away – it was SO helpful at that time to shape my theology of suffering & to face the reality that it was inevitable I would suffer but that I could trust God in the midst of it. It gave me hope and impacted me deeply. As I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, it has again been like a lifeline to me – I couldn’t recommend it more highly! Please, do yourself a favor and purchase it right now! I would share a couple of my favorite quotes, but I’ve basically underlined the whole thing, so that seems like too much work at this point.

> > Walking with God through Pain and Suffering by Tim Keller < <

The second thing God’s used that I want to share is this little video Matt Chandler recorded years ago before surgery to remove a brain tumor. A friend had told me about this video when I shared about my Melanoma scare the week prior, but God brought it to mind in the middle of the night, my first night in Iowa City. People who know me know that I usually have zero problems with sleep, but this night was different. I just laid there wide awake for hours, with tears streaming down my cheeks as I kept clicking replay again & again.


I FEEL THIS… a hundred times over. My life feels SO blessed, like all God’s ever given to me is good. I know that’s an overstatement, but I really do feel like He’s had favor on me and richly blessed me. So I’ve been able to make much of Him in my life from the mountain tops, but now I have the privilege of singing His praises & declaring that He’s enough for me deep down in the valley.

“There’s a part of me that’s so grateful that the Lord counted me worthy of this.”