Recovery { & a little more waiting }

FullSizeRender6Lord willing, I had my final biopsy yesterday, which means today I’m on the couch! The doctor said that surgery went well and the samples they extracted of the tumor were almost definitely pristine. The samples were sent to pathology Friday and the results should be back around the middle of next week.

The recovery from this biopsy is more intense than my previous procedures — I will be on crutches for at least 2 weeks, bearing little to no weight on my left leg. I’m also on strong pain pills to manage the pain, so no driving until I’m off those.

I’ve felt so loved by many requests of people asking how they can help & what they can do – seriously, thank you so much! My family and a handful of friends have been taking care of me really well, so my physical needs are pretty minimal right now. But if you’re interested in helping out in some way, gift cards are probably the most practical thing that helps right now — Amazon, Walmart / Target, or Casey’s / Kum & Go { lots of gas between here & IC lately! }. OR fresh flowers & candles — they’ve been doing wonders for making my time on the couch more enjoyable!

You can send anything to Cornerstone Church and I’ll get it soon after –
[ Cornerstone Church –  56829 US Highway 30, Ames, IA 50010 ]

W H A T ‘ S   N E X T   /   How you can pray:

  • The results of this biopsy are projected to be back by the middle of next week. You can pray that the results come with a full diagnosis of the Lymphoma. After the full diagnosis, my treatment plan will be coming soon after, so you can also pray that God would lead my doctor to exactly the right treatment that will cure the cancer!
  • A quick recovery from this current surgery — the bone was under a lot of stress in the procedure, so there is risk of a fracture {why I can’t walk / bear weight on it} and a lot of pain. Pray that the bone would heal quickly & recover without any further complications. You can also pray for the little things that come with recovery – that I would sleep well at night, do okay on the crutches, & that the pain would be minimal.