Update: My Next Biopsy

Yesterday was spent in & out of appointments in Iowa City — no answers but lots of information. I met with the doctor who will oversee my next biopsy, which is scheduled for this Friday, July 7 (time TBD).

In efforts to subtype the Lymphoma, I’ve had 3 biopsies so far: 1 bone marrow biopsy & 2 CT guided needle biopsies. The bone marrow biopsy showed no cancer in my bone marrow, which means the Lymphoma is localized in a tumor in my distal femur. Both of the needle biopsies were not able to extract the right samples so they failed (most likely, the process of getting the bone through the needle was damaging the tissue before it got to pathology). The next & final option is an open biopsy, which is scheduled for Friday.

Different from the rest, the open biopsy on Friday will be performed in the operating room by an orthopedic surgeon under general anesthesia. He will make an incision, a hole in the bone, & then surgically remove a piece of cancerous bone to send to pathology. Because of the stress that causes to the bone, I won’t be able to bear any weight on my leg for at least 2 weeks… so I’ll be hobbling along for a while.

Although it’s a pain in the butt to have to go through another procedure & add additional waiting time to finding out the full diagnosis, here’s the silver lining I have to keep reminding myself: it’s been so difficult for the doctors to biopsy because the cancer hasn’t spread. Bone is really difficult to biopsy in general, but usually in cases like mine, they would only try 1 needle biopsy and if that failed, there would be somewhere else in the body where the cancer had spread that they could biopsy instead. That’s not the case for me – the only option they have is my femur { PRAISE! }. 

H O W   Y O U   C A N   P R A Y :

  • Surgery on Friday, July 7 (time TBD) — Pray the surgeon would get exactly the right samples to the pathology department, which would lead us to the full diagnosis! Praying for clear, definitive, & QUICK results!
  • Patience — it’s starting to feel like an eternity since they first told me I had Lymphoma. I’ve felt more discouragement recently in the waiting. Also the anticipation / anxiety of what my treatment will be & how it will affect my body is growing! God’s definitely stretching & growing my patience.
  • That God would just heal it Himself before we even get the full diagnosis!

H a p p y   4 t h   o f   J u l y ! !